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You ARE the designer of your life
[whether you realize it yet or not]. 

And you already have everything you need to bring your dreams to reality.

Do you believe me? By the end of my keynote speech, "Get Out of Your Own Way: Learn how to get out of your own way and intentionally design all areas of your life through brain-based transformation," attendees are powerfully equip with 5 neuroscience tools that allow them to shatter their own glass ceilings, and intentionally design a life they love.

They learn examples of how glass ceilings may show up their life by hearing how they showed up in mine.
They hear the brain science reasons why they seem to come out of nowhere.
They understand how each of our brains are wired to keep us safe;
And action steps for tapping into its full potential.


Attendees leave having more awareness than ever that their thoughts play a pivotal role in their reality—plus, how thoughts can help them create a life they love and how thoughts can hold them back from what they still desire.


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“Today was wonderful! You are an amazing speaker. People connect with you. You have a gift, you truly do!”

“Maria was so sweet and also very relatable. I loved hearing about the science behind our thoughts and behaviors. Her presentation was very insightful.”
“A very interesting and new (to me) approach to the mental barriers that we have.”
“This one was very helpful to me as I can't seem to get out of my own way.”
“Maria was great at explaining how the brain works and why our beliefs have us do what we do. She gave some great ideas of how to redesign my thinking.”

Meet Maria Traino.

Maria Traino is an award-winning, professional brand designer of nearly two decades. She founded Inspired Studio, a design and marketing agency, and is a certified NeuroCoach who works with entrepreneurs to intentionally define and design their version of success… from the inside out.

Maria developed The Designer’s Approach, a step-by-step framework for brain-based transformation. Maria naturally approaches life and business challenges the exact same way she would approach a design challenge: with curiosity, creativity, and knowing that a solution always exists.

Part of Maria’s secret for success has been understanding that her clients already have answers inside of them—it’s her honor, as a designer and a coach, to help them realize their uniqueness, shatter limiting beliefs, and intentionally create lasting transformation using the power of neuroscience.

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“I thought she did a nice job transitioning from personal information to point of the refocusing brain.”
“Loved it!”
“Wonderful message, design a life you desire.”
“Well spoken and good tips on ways to get out of ruts and reach goals.”

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