Maria Traino, here!

I want to help you master the art of mindset to bolster a stronger business and a more fulfilled you.

The world changes. 
What happens on the outside is a reflection of what’s happening on the inside. Which means we change, too.

What lit you up before, may no longer feel important.
Your family may need you now, more than ever, and you want to show up for them in a big way.
The juggling act is harder, your energy is being tugged at 360°.
Your “me” time is tight, and so is the waistband of your favorite Levi’s.
You wish you could just squeeze in some healthier habits, you tell yourself, “this is temporary.”

But is it?

The fact is, growth and expansion are the meaning of life. Just look out your window.

The fact is, growth and expansion are the meaning of life. Just look out your window.

But change can be very scary. Like anything else, there are many ways to look at the challenge of change.

You see, a challenge is not a problem (personally, I don’t even believe in problems)—a problem induces fear, scarcity, inadequacy, darkness; but a challenge inspires creativity, playfulness, solutions, overcoming! When you have a challenge on our hands it is really just an opportunity to improve—you’re in a perfect position to redefine, restructure and RISE.

My purpose? Helping you fulfill yours—simple as that.

I grew up the daughter of third-generation Italian restaurant owners who instilled two lifelong values in me: family + service. My two sisters and I learned from an early age that there was much more to our family’s restaurant than 
what was on the menu. Our restaurant served camaraderie, friendships, stories, relaxation, and laughter.

My grandfather always told my father, who always told me and my sisters, “Treat everyone who comes in here the same—whether it’s the president or our neighbor.”

Service has been an everyday part of my life, from working in my family restaurant to creating one-of-a-kind brand identities for business owners throughout the country.

In 2012, I took a leap of faith and started Inspired Studio, a boutique brand design, and strategic marketing agency. Throughout the years, I’ve worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs, CEOs, Marketing Directors, and craftsmen who ooze with passion. I’ve spent tens of thousands of hours listening and pouring my skills into bringing beautiful brands to life while continuing to scale the agency.

I’m also a proud wife to my husband, who made me the mother of two beautiful girls who teach me more about life than anything or anyone ever has. They motivate me to be a better person, not just in my actions or words, but they upgrade my BEing on the regular.

As a Certified NeuroCoachTM I am incredibly passionate about helping high-achievers live to their fullest potential, driven by their purpose.

Here’s to your version of success, my dear! 


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