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Master the art of mindset to bolster a stronger brand, a stronger business, and a more fulfilled you using my Inspired Designer‘s Approach.


“If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan.
And guess what they have planned for you? Not much.


The world is changing.

But I believe what happens on the outside is a reflection of what’s happening on the inside. Which means we’re changing, too. 

What lit you up before, no longer feels important.

Your family needs you now, more than ever, and you want to show up for them in a big way.

The juggling act is harder, your energy is being tugged at 360°.

Your “me” time is tight, and so is the waistband of your favorite jeans.

You wish you could just squeeze in some healthier habits, you tell yourself, “this is temporary.”

But is it?


The fact is,
will never be
the way
they were.

Like anything else, there are many ways to look at this ‘challenge.’

You see, a challenge is not a problem (personally, I don’t even believe in problems)—a problem induces fear, scarcity, inadequacy, darkness; but a challenge inspires creativity, playfulness, solutions, overcoming! What we have on our hands is a challengea chance to change, an opportunity to improve, a perfect position to redefine, restructure, and rise.

My Inspired Designer’s Approach


When I started my business as a graphic designer, I set an intention to match my professional salary. And I did.

Year two, I intended to double it. I succeeded.

By year three, I quadrupled the salary I left as a graphic design professional of only 6 years.

Since then, in an effort to integrate my business with my life, I have hacked and honed my way toward creating a life AND business of my dreams. One that shifts and grows WITH me and my family.

And I believe in every fiber of my being that you have the same potential I do. We've all been given our own unique gifts, and I believe that if we are strong in one area of our lives we can apply the same principle to other areas of our lives to strengthen them, too.

As entrepreneurs, we're in a perfect position to reach higher, dream bigger, and receive more income! IF we truly want it. IF we truly believe in ourselves. And IF we invest in the support we need, when we need it. The entrepreneurial path is the one less traveled. It’s wild, unpredictable, exciting, challenging, rewarding, beautiful, and abundant. It can be lonely, but there is also a strong, unspoken bond between like-minded entrepreneurs.

  • Entrepreneurs are innately curious, solution-oriented, visionary thinkers who believe a solution always exists
  • We push boundaries and think beyond the norm, making connections and associations that most wouldn’t consider
  • We aren’t afraid of “bad” ideas or trying something new, because we believe in infinite possibilities
  • We’re experts at reframing a situation, examining every angle from different perspectives
  • We are always ready to learn something new
  • We ask questions, take constructive breaks, hack through blocks and ultimately, utilize any means possible to solve problems.
As an entrepreneur, I know you’re a lot like this. 
You naturally spend more time living, learning, and growing in the limitless, expansive place of imagination.
The place where ideas come to life and we’re able to create something out of nothing. 

I believe you can use that same magic to build a life and business that’s impactful, fulfilling and abundant.

I grew up the daughter of third-generation Italian restaurant owners who instilled two lifelong values in me: family + service. My two sisters and I learned from an early age that there was much more to our family’s restaurant than what was on the menu. Our restaurant served camaraderie, friendships, stories, relaxation, and laughter.

My grandfather always told my father, who always told my sisters and I, “Treat everyone who comes in here the same—whether it’s the president or our neighbor.”

Service has been an everyday part of my life, from working in my family restaurant to creating one-of-a-kind brand identities for business owners throughout the country.

In 2012, I took a leap of faith and created Inspired Studio, a boutique brand design, and strategic marketing agency.

Throughout the years, I’ve worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs, CEOs, Marketing Directors, and craftsmen who ooze with passion. I’ve spent tens of thousands of hours listening and pouring my skills into bringing beautiful brands to life.

I’m also a proud wife to my husband, who made me the mother of two beautiful girls who teach me more about life than anything or anyone ever has. They motivate me to be a better person, not just in my actions or words, but they upgrade my BEing on the regular.

I am incredibly passionate about helping high-achieving creative entrepreneurs live to their fullest potential, driven by their purpose.

My purpose? God, family, health, service—simple as that.

Here’s to your success, my dear!



“Without changing our pattern of thought, we will not be able to solve the problems we created with our current patterns of thought.” —Albert Einstein


Harness the power of your mindset to intentionally design a healthy, happy life and business. 

Being a high-achiever is our greatest gift and our greatest downfall. Because knowing our full potential constantly has us feeling not good enough, a constant striving for perfection. But that drive can seep into all areas of our lives, sometimes to our detriment. 

Desires are placed in our hearts for a reason. You don't have to keep coming up short, never feeling good enough and unworthy of earning a “real income” doing what you love without sacrificing self-care and time with your family.

You can have it all. You can DESIGN it all. Let's do it together.

Are you ready to co-create something amazing?

[mindset + brand + business coaching]


I believe you have everything you need inside of you to intentionally create the life and business of your dreams. Every day you use your creativity and carefully honed skills to create something out of nothing but an idea.... but it comes so naturally, you might not even see it.  

I will help you shift your perspective and wield your creative prowess in a way that makes you a powerful creator of your most important work of art—your life.


[mindset + brand + business coaching]

[$3,600] 3-MONTH PACKAGE

Together we’ll identify and overcome challenges, redefine goals, and map out a custom step-by-step process to achieve them in 12 60-minute one-on-one coaching sessions. Includes support via text and email between sessions, guides, resources and healing modality recommendations.

Are you tired of spinning your wheels, never feeling like you’re gaining traction? Bring me your challenging questions and we’ll use my Inspired Designer's Approach together to heal what ails your creative brand and business.


[health + wellness mentorship]


“As with in, so with out.” It all begins with you—your mindset, your spirit, your energy, and health can all come together in harmony so that you can BE the greatest version of yourself… no matter what the outside brings.

Are you finally ready to make a commitment to yourself and step into your personal power? Let me help you detox and renourish your body from the inside out.


Jennifer Hetro

“Working with Maria has been such a transformative personal and professional experience. She told me at the start of our coaching, ‘You have the answers inside, and I'm going to help you bring them out.’ I didn't actually believe her—but she was right! Maria has led me through the process of really exploring and defining my brand, priorities, pinch points and goals. Maria keeps me accountable—with her perfect blend of patience and persistence—and I'm energized by doing the work as she guides me along. I've grown so much thanks to her expertise and I would highly recommend her to anyone and everyone. If you want to start enjoying clarity, control and success, get Maria into your life today.”


I created this self study digital course, Understand Your Brand, for solopreneurs to independently learn how to craft your most unique selling proposition statement, catapulting your brand and marketing messaging into a category of its own—resulting in marketing that feels in alignment with you, while attracting your ideal audience. What's more powerfully feminine than that? 

Because the truth is, as a solopreneur, your business is a reflection of you. The power is already within you to amplify exactly what makes you you, and attract the audience who has been praying to find you.

Not interested in the full course but want to get your hands on the process? For $47 you can download the PDFs from each section and get started right away!

You'll get more than 30 pages of fillable PDF worksheets containing 50+ questions to help you hone in on your brand's uniqueness. And 4 swipeable messaging formulas to help you craft your USP.



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